Los oscuros límites de la magia (La Asociación, #2)

Los oscuros límites de la magia (La Asociación, #2) - Pierre Bottero I like the main character, Ombe, much better in her own book than in Jasper's book. A good second book that introduces another agent. I also prefer her to Jasper in general, but, unfortunately, she is the POW character of just two books, this one and the fourth one. She is 18 years old, three years older than Jasper, and it shows. Her sense of humour feels much more mature and there are fewer rash actions. Not that there aren't any, as her mouth gets her in trouble a lot, but her way of dealing with her assignement seems to be less childish than Jasper's.

By the end of the book I was wondering who was after the young agent and if they were in any way related to Jasper's "stalkers". I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series.