Futuro Azul

Futuro Azul - Eoin Colfer 3,5 stars.

My first thought when I finished this book was "This needs a sequel!". This book has a closed end, but it is mentioned that there are more things going on than what most of the characters can see. I even thought that this was the first volume in a series until I checked Goodreads and saw that it was a stand-alone.

First of all, what I didn't like is that the book focuses too much on the story, with very little information about the world or the characters. We get enough information to feel that they are more than just a name, but not much more. The story takes place in a dystopian world, but it is not the usual dystopic world. It doesn't have the usual feeling of hopelessness for humans. In fact, those that are not poor are living normal lives. Nature is much more dangerous than what we know, but it never reaches the point of the usual post apocalyptic world.

The story was very interesting and I liked the many plot twists that leave you wondering whether everything is as the main characters think. There are some strange creatures that only a few people can see. These people think that the creatures are dangerous, as they attack people who are injured and close to dieing. The big reveal at the end is obvious after a while, but it didn't make the book boring, so it didn't bother me at all.

Also, this is a romance-free book. There is only a tiny hint at a romantic subplot, but it is very small and doesn't affect the plot. It is just some flirting with a hint at the end that it may be more in the future.