Royally Lost

Royally Lost - Angie Stanton I was reading this for the Popsugar Challenge (a book set in Europe), but decided to DNF it.

I may write a longer review one day, but here are two status updates that show what I thought of what I read of the book:

Update 1:
Becca is very obviously an Idiot. With a capital I. She has the chance to visit another continent, which is an amazing chance for anyone with a brain, but she keeps complaining about Europe instead. She doesn't like that she is being shown old places, complains about every little thing her parents do and behaves like a spoiled twelve-year-old instead of a high school graduate.

Update 2:
What does Nikolai see in her? She's a walking stereotype of a blonde American girl.

Newest complain: historical things in a museum. Seriously? Not everybody likes old dishes, but you don't have to find them interesting to recognise their value.

And, Becca, there are many modern things in Europe. Where do you think people's clothes, phones, etc come from?

Also, how did Becca finish high school?