Charmed: A Thousand Deaths

Charmed: A Thousand Deaths - Erica Schultz Review copy provided by NetGalley.

I have to admit that I don't really remember every single detail of the TV show, so I'm not sure where this story fits within the plot, but if I had to guess I would say somewhere in the first half of the fourth season from a few details that the sisters mention. Don't ask me to give you exact episodes though because I can't.

I didn't know that there were Charmed comic books, so finding this one on NetGalley was a very nice surprise. It was also a plus that the cover art is so beautiful. You can easily recognise each of the three Charmed ones and there's also a mysterious demon and the Book of Shadows. The artist even got Paige's paleness compared to the other two sisters right. Unfortunately, this doesn't translate to the rest of the comic book. I found it quite hard to see which one was Paige and which one was Phoebe. Piper is the easiest to spot and in some scenes and it was only because of the length of her hair. It's not a huge issue, but it made me have to pay close attention to their clothing to figure out who was saying what, which sometimes distracted from the plot.

About the plot, it did start as something very mysterious and intriguing, but the more pages I read, the less interested in it I was. The problem I found is that the mystery doesn't is not too well paced. Also, this comic book suffered from not having too many pages. It's not objectively short compared to other comic books of different tv shows, but the story wasn't well distributed among all the pages. It feels as if the introduction is huge and the end very short, which affected the suspense. Cutting some of the side plots, such as Phoebe's work problems, and devoting this space to building a stronger ending might have been better.

All in all, an ok-ish comic book, but I hope that there are better ones.