Phoenix (Cuatro Almas, #4)

Phoenix (Cuatro Almas, #4) - Eden Maguire The end of Phoenix's mystery was ok, but I wonder what happened to Iceman. There is no mention of his body being found, but he leaves at the same time as Phoenix. It is either an amazing coincidence or he was somehow allowed to stay longer. It is never explained.

This is not the only weird thing in this book. Hunter's name is different. Hunter was the man's last name in book three, where Darina learned his first name. In this book, however, Hunter is his first name.

Another thing that is not revealed is how Hunter could stay in the world of the living for more than a year. Also, are we supposed to understand that there are no more dead people in need of answers about their deaths? The first book gave the impression that Hunter had been doing that job for a long time. However, in this book, the place ends up empty with everybody having departed for the afterlife. Everything would have made much more sense if, for example, there had been some mention of the other ghosts relocating in order to avoid unwanted attention, now that Darina had helped all of her class mates.

Longer review soon.